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Upload images, adjust then edit them before converting them into lines and color areas for patterns useful in arts and craft projects.

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Rapid Resizer Description

Entertainment required a lot more physical effort in the days before computers where in charge. Coloring books used to replace photo editors, also helping enhance imagination. In this regard, Rapid Resizer gives you the possibility to adjust and create patterns for different materials to help in art and design.

Simple interface quickly gets you up and running

Accommodation doesn’t pose any problems, with the intuitive, simple design coming equipped with a guided process that takes you through a series of steps to import and process images. The center area is your canvas, where you get to adjust the image and apply colors or textures from a side color palette.

Gather images from various sources

You need to import images to be processed and you can only do this with one file at a time. Supported formats only count as a few, but you can also use online content, images acquired from printers, as well as an abundance of presets the application puts at your disposal.

As you go through the process, you need to consider importing images of big resolutions, because they are resized to fit on multiple large pages. If the case requires it, you can simply use a specific part of a photo, with the help of a trim tool.

Create and preview patterns

The application processes the picture and generates outlines based on color spread. If default detection worked fine, you can move on and define areas, or adjust a slider to manually configure detection sensitivity, with options to create object outlines or simple fill areas.

A side panel is at your disposal to fully configure it with colors. Although not a lot of entries can be saved, you get to choose from various materials and textures, or simple colors. Filling in outlined areas creates a pattern, with options to view numbering or preview the whole project before it’s either printed out or exported to file.

To sum it up

Taking everything into consideration, we can say that Rapid Resizer is a simple utility with which you can create large cutting or drawing patterns to print out for various purposes and events. It’s possible to create patterns out of any image you have on your computer, with the clever color detection process letting you adjust areas and fill them with colors or textures for an enhanced overall experience.

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