Rapid File Renamer

Avoid the hassle of manually renaming files with this useful utility that offers automatic renaming with user-defined criteria for suffixes, prefixes or character removal.

  • Rapid File Renamer
  • Version :3.0
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Abaiko Software

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Rapid File Renamer Description

The task of manually renaming files is time consuming and cumbersome, especially for users who work with numerous files and need to organize their content. There are many solutions out there and Rapid File Renamer is one of them. As its name suggests, it will help one to quickly rename the required files with ease and no additional trouble. It offers good customization for the output files and users will be able to define their own criteria and preview the final names.

Basic interface that will provide a good set of renaming tools and file name customization

The application features a clean interface that offers its tools in a tabbed array, offering a good workflow when preparing and renaming files. Users will be able to perform all the necessary adjustments in the tools side panel and preview the old and new file names in the right viewing area.

One issue that comes up quite fast is the very limited space which the file list viewer offers. If one will select multiple details such as the name, size, type, etc., the file names and folder path will become partly hidden. The application offers a toggle button for expanding the file list view to its entire window, but this might annoy users because they will lose time enabling it.

Batch renaming with user-defined criteria and additional name conflict numbering

Rapid File Renamer offers good customization of the naming conventions for the new file names. One can select to insert suffixes or prefixes, with adjustable position or remove specified characters. The letter case can also be controlled when defining the criteria and users can replace custom letters or insert two set of characters simultaneously.

People will be able to add as many files as they like in the renaming queue and the application will deliver fast and efficient renaming. For cases when naming conflicts are detected, the application offers an automatic numbering for the identical file names, allowing users to define what characters to insert to either sides of the number.

Compact utility that offers a valuable package for renaming multiple files with ease

Rapid File Renamer will help those who require a lightweight and efficient solution for renaming their files in no time. It will provide ample customization for the naming criteria and it will even offer options for when name conflicts occur. Having a basic interface and easy-to-use features, its handling will cause no trouble to both novice and experienced users.

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