RAM/Internet Booster Pro

Tweak your system by speeding up your Internet and improving RAM performance with this application that continually monitors your resource usage.

  • RAM/Internet Booster Pro
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RAM/Internet Booster Pro Description

The exponential increase in available software tools has greatly surpassed the development of new hardware equipment. As such, system resources are regularly pushed to their limits, mainly due to the multiple and varied applications that are run on desktop computers every day. For users who experience problems with their RAM, RAM/Internet Booster Pro offers a swift method of quickly getting their memory back to working parameters.

Recover RAM and boost the WiFi speed

The program can recover memory with just the click of a button and one of the notable program features is its continual monitoring of system resource usage. This targets both memory and CPU loads and the graphs are updated in real-time, a setting that can be adjusted in the options window.

What’s more, the program also doubles as an Internet speed booster, as it clears ARP caches and fixes corrupt Winsockets. This can significantly boost WiFi signal, as well as improve the overall navigation speed.

Display memory load graphs

Users can also employ this tool to monitor resource loads as CPU or memory usage graphs are displayed and updated in real-time. What’s more, all the currently active processes are displayed, complete with their PID values and one can terminate any entry with just a few mouse clicks.

Several statistics are also displayed that can assist users in adequately managing their system’s resources, such as the total installed physical or virtual memory, as well as the paged and non-paged kernel memory sizes.

A good tool for monitoring the strain on the installed memory, complete with repair functions

Summing up, RAM/Internet Booster Pro is a practical solution for quickly recovering RAM or boosting the WiFi Internet connection. The application is also notable for its continual monitoring of loads on the system’s resources.

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