Make the best of everything that the most popular email and messaging services have to offer from a single main window by relying on this uber-useful application.

  • Rambox
  • Version: 0.5.10
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Ramiro Saenz

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Rambox Description

Nowadays, it seems that most of us find ourselves relying on multiple messaging and email web services both in our personal lives and at our work places.

Consequently, combining the usage of all these services might leave your browser overcrowded with dozen of pinned tabs and this, of course, can be quite counter-productive and very distracting at times.

Developed with Electron and packaged with Node JS, Rambox might be able to lend a helping hand in the situation mentioned above.

User-friendly app that is useful both at home and at work

Simply said, the utility enables you to use some of the most popular email and messaging web services out there, from under a single, clear-cut main window.

Not only this but Rambox can also help you use multiple instances of the same web service, making it perfect for both business and private-related situations, both at home and at work.

Supports a broad range of email and messaging services

Evidently, the first thing you should know about the app is the fact that it comes with support for email services such as Gmail, Hushmail, Office 365, Yahoo! Mail, Outlook, Tutanota and ProtonMail.

Additionally, it supports popular messaging services such as WhatsApp, Yahoo! Messenger, WeChat, Wire, Facebook Messenger, HipChat, Google Hangouts, Telegram, Steam Chat and Voxer, just to name a few.

Well-known collaboration services have not been forgotten either as you can take full advantage of services like Skype, Slack, Grape, Mattermost and GroupMe.

Straightforward workflow

Multiple services can be added quite straightforwardly and, once, you have logged in using the appropriate credentials, the instances can be easily accessed from the top tab-bar, similar to how you would work with a typical web browser.

This is a good time to point out that you can also add new custom services and even sync all your Rambox configuration settings to multiple computers.

Minimal yet useful set of features

Also noteworthy is the fact that Rambox comes with support for native notifications (provided that the web service supports this in the first place) and a useful and self-explanatory ‘Don’t Disturb’ feature.

Last but not least, since you can use this utility for both personal and work-related interests, it seems quite natural that you want to make sure that everything stays far from prying eyes, once you leave your computer for a while. This said, you will be happy to hear that you can lock Rambox while you are away.

You could say that it almost redefines the term ‘useful’

The app is accessible to all categories of users, regardless of their experience, it comes with support for an impressive number of broadly used web services that can be utilized both at work and at home and, best of all, it does not feel cumbersome even with multiple active instances in its tab bar.

To conclude, Rambox is a modern application that is as stylish as it is useful. Considering what it offers, it should not come as a surprise if this app will gain a strong user following in the period to come.

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