QuickFix SFX Lite Builder

Quickly create installation stubs for your application, using this comprehensive, GUI-based script editing and building application.

  • QuickFix SFX Lite Builder
  • Version :1.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Cassis Softworks

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QuickFix SFX Lite Builder Description

QuickFix SFX Lite Builder is a reliable application designed to help you build easy to operate setup files. The program allows you to create or import the source code, then append it, using the comprehensive text editor with syntax highlighting functions. Moreover, the application includes certain pre-defined functions.

Simple to use script editor

QuickFix SFX Lite Builder focuses on its ease of use, friendly, GUI-based interface, which facilitate the creation of installer files, for anyone. The program comes as a reliable script editor, with syntax highlighting functions and undo capabilities.

The supported files are a special format, namely, QuickFix INI documents, which can be opened, modified and exported with the same application. QuickFix SFX Lite Builder uses a specific language as well and offers the syntax of the functions, as built-in snippets. The Structure button, at the top of the editing area allows you to quickly paste them in.

Quickly build application installer files

After generating the source code, QuickFix SFX Lite Builder allows you to build the application with one mouse click. The process is easy to understand and follow: insert the snippets, fill in the variables, indicate the name/extension of the required files, then select the input/output folders.

The program can easily build the installer file, based on the script, files and indicated source folder. The entire process consists of defining the settings for the installer, specifying each shortcut you wish it to create and add project internal function. Pre-defined groups of syntax are available for you to select in the Structure menu.

Build easy to use installers

The resulting setup packs, created with QuickFix SFX Lite Builder are simple to operate by any end-user. The installer option menus feature the QuickFix interface and button styles, which makes it simple for anyone to install your products. The program allows you to quickly open and modify a project at any time.

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