Quick3270 Secure

Terminal emulator for IBM 3270 and 5250 mainframes, which features FTP support and a built-in macro recorder for task automation.

  • Quick3270 Secure
  • Version :5.21 Build 006
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :DN-Computing

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Quick3270 Secure Description

Quick3270 Secure works as an IBM terminal emulator, enabling users to enjoy the functions of 3270 and 5250 mainframes on a Windows workstation. It can connect to various display terminal models, including IBM 3278 and 3279, and allows connectivity between PCs and zSeries or iSeries stations.

SSL-based connections to ensure security

Quick3270 Secure is a special edition of Quick3270 that brings additional security features to the table. Relying on the TLS and SSL protocols, it ensures the protection of data transfers that take place between the host workstation and the terminal.

Additionally, it comes with support for the IBM Express Logon Feature and is compliant with the Payment Card Industry security standards.

Connectivity to IBM terminals, OpenVMS, SNA servers, UNIX, and Linux

With Quick3270 Secure, you can set up connections to Microsoft Host Integration Server (formerly known as SNA server), or link your PC to the Windows Terminal Server and Citrix XenApp. Remote connections to Linux, Unix, and OpenVMS workstations are also possible. The application provides compatibility with programmed symbols and vector graphics, supporting graphics emulation and connections via the IPv4 or IPv6 protocols.

The built-in emulator API makes it possible for applications on your PC to connect directly to remote hosts via the terminal emulator. The standard and enhanced EHLLAPI interfaces and the Windows High Level Language API are supported. Data transfers are facilitated by IND$FILE and FTP support.

Powerful emulator with FTP and macro support

Mostly designed for experienced users, Quick3270 Secure is a robust terminal emulator for 3270 and 5250 terminals. It can launch concurrent sessions, providing printer emulation, a COM interface and customizable connection settings you can freely tamper with.

Moreover, the integrated macro recorder can be of use if you want to automate routine operations or execute scripts created with IBM Personal Communications, Attachmate Extra or Micro Focus RUMBA.

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