A video and audio transcoding application that bundles all the necessary tools for handling video files, adding them subtitles and creating DVDs.

  • QtlMovie
  • Version :1.12
  • License :BSD License
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Thierry Lelegard

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QtlMovie Description

The difference in multimedia file formats is based on the encoder used to bundle all configuration options inside a file. What’s more, an existing video or audio file can be later on processed in an attempt to enhance quality, and one example in this regard is QtlMovie.

Single or multi file processing

Although it may look like a common video conversion utility at first, the application uses the FFmpeg encoder to work on quality of target files. Don’t worry about it, because it’s packed in the installer so you don’t need to worry about deploying it on your computer.

The whole process can be done in a short while, in case you don’t take the time to thoroughly configure values. Files need to be added through the built-in browse dialog, with the possibility to switch to a batch mode to process more files at a time.

Configure video and audio quality settings

Depending on the file configuration, you can choose video output resolution, and switch the audio layer to a different channel. If you happen to have a subtitle file you want to include, there’s a dedicated field where it goes. The video aspect ratio can be forced to custom specifications, but this can have a negative impact on output quality.

QtlMovie can grab multimedia files from media CDs or DVDs, and also burn output videos directly. At some point you might want to pay a visit to the settings panel in order to configure quality options for each of the available output types. These can be MPG, AVI, ISO to later burn on DVD, just the audio layer, or suitable for different Apple multimedia devices.

In conclusion

To sum it up, QtlMovie is a practical utility you might want to keep around if you have to do with videos on a daily basis. It relies on the popular FFmpeg encoder to manage quality, and lets you handle them in an intuitive interface. Multiple output options are at your disposal, as well as a couple of modes for single file or batch processing.

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