QtFuzzyLite (formerly fuzzylite)

A simple library in C++ that you can use to create and implement fuzzy logic Mamdani and Takagi-Sugeno controllers into your application.

  • QtFuzzyLite (formerly fuzzylite)
  • Version:6.0
  • License :Demo
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Juan Rada-Vilela

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QtFuzzyLite (formerly fuzzylite) Description

Fuzzy logic theories stray from the conventional true or false logics and mathematics, as they can compute and implement partial truths, with values ranging from completely true to completely false, along with anything in between. These theories can be met in a wide range of scientific areas of interests, such as physics, mathematics and relativity studies.

QtFuzzyLite is an intuitive piece of software based on the fuzzylite engine which works as a graphical user interface that helps you “draw” the graphs and controllers of various mathematical functions and equations representing fuzzy logic values.

Powerful graph builder based on unconventional binary logics

The main application, fuzzylite, works with Command Prompt arguments and it helps you generate fuzzy logic controllers based on object-oriented programming(OOP) concepts. These controllers are used by the QtFuzzyLite GUI and processed into detailed and interactive graphs which represent fuzzy logic theories.

You can easily define fuzzy logic terms and analyze each of the predefined ones in particular, so that you will get a better understanding of the concepts that work behind this theory. For instance, you can implement a controller for regulating water temperature, which is perceived differently by each individual.

Reliable fuzzy logic control library

QtFuzzyLite allows you export your projects to various programming languages, thus helping you build fuzzy logic controllers that can be implemented into various software and hardware applications alike. It can generate code for C++ and Java programming languages which can be copied directly into your source files.

Aside from this, the application does not require installation and it does not modify any of your registries, which adds up to its flexibility and portability.

An overall potent and interactive fuzzy logic analysis tool

To conclude, QtFuzzyLite and its fuzzylite engine provide you with a powerful utility for creating OOP-based fuzzy logic controllers, which have more utility in some cases that the conventional binary ones.

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