Perform calculations by applying various algebraic, trigonometric and logarithmic functions, then use the unit or currency converter for practical purposes.

  • Qonverter
  • Version:1.0.8 Alpha
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Martin Rotter

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Qonverter Description

Studying or working in a science department can sometimes require calculation skills. Although you could run tests and apply formulas using the traditional pencil and paper, resorting to a dedicated application can go a long way.

Qonverter is a lightweight utility that can help you perform certain math calculations and convert currency or various measurement units.

Simple user interface

This handy application comes with a minimalistic layout that allows you to fully benefit from its functions with a minimum of effort and PC knowledge.

Qonverter does not require installing, it does not modify Windows registry entries and does not create additional files or folders. You can just launch it and start using it.

This useful tool allows you to easily switch between standard calculator functions, a unit converter and a currency converter by accessing the View menu.

Simple calculator with conversion support

You can apply basic functions from various mathematics branches (algebra, trigonometry and logarithms) and design your own equations using the integrated editor.

Qonverter features a unit conversion tool that supports numerous measurement units and categories. You can browse a comprehensive list that includes acceleration, area, digital information, torque and velocity, choose your desired units and easily convert them.

In addition, this handy application provides you with a currency converter that is kept up-to-date by using European Central Bank definitions. Although the aforementioned tool supports a wide variety of currencies, unfortunately you cannot define custom values or create new entries.

Handy variable editor

Qonverter packs a useful variable, constant and function editor that allows you to modify existing records or create new ones, according to your needs. You can view items in a detailed list that displays details such as name, value, type and a brief description. Content can also be filtered by several criteria.

In conclusion, if you need a basic calculator tool that encompasses unit and currency conversion functions as well, Qonverter can prove to be a reliable asset.

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