Qt-based simple and easy to use music player designed for streaming online music and for playing files stored on your local drives.

  • qomp
  • Version :1.2.1
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Evgeny Khryukin

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qomp Description

qomp is a simple software that makes possible the playback of music files from different URLs or directly from your hard disk.

Easy to use interface

There are only a few options available, but the ones that are included come in a very simple interface.

When you playback an audio track, the name of the artist and of the song will be displayed. You are also able to skip ahead in the same song, or change the song to the previous or the next one.

A full playlist of files or URLs is displayed, so you can click on the file you wish to play. Also, you can toggle on or off the feature to repeat all files in your playlist.

You can assign three commands to your left, middle and right mouse buttons, making the use of qomp a little faster.

The visual skin is lightly colored, and since there are no other means of customizing the interface, the developer went with moderate tones.

Streaming from a vast array of audio files

qomp enables browsing through a massive database of songs, offering you three online sites containing a multitude of audio files. You can browse for your favorite songs.

You can also search for whole albums or why not, for a specific artist. The program will show you all the search results it finds on the selected website.

The search function also has a history feature that produces a drop-down list of recent searches you made, making easy to find the same thing the second time.

Another nice feature incorporated in qomp music player is the ability to save the files to your disk.

You can also select an URL or your local drive files to be added to your playlist and to be played. Then, you can save your playlists and open them another time.


qomp is a very easy to use utility that enables you to search and play audio files from your disk or from the Internet, with the added bonus that you can even save the ones found online.

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