Effortlessly convert QBO files to CSV with the help of this lightweight piece of software that makes you transactions ready for print.

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QBO2CSV Description

If you are in need of a software solution that can process your QBO files so that they become readable, look no more as QBO2CSV could be it.

Being capable of much more than its name lets see, the application can convert your QBO files to PDF, CSV, CSV Mint, XLS, XLSX, or POSH format while also offering a glimpse into their contents.

Can convert your QBO transaction files to CSV, PDF, XLS

First off, users should know that installing the application is something anyone could handle, regardless of their technical skills. Once you open the program, a distractions-free GUI meets you, with a button in the top-right corner letting you browse for the file you want to process.

Once you have located the QBO file, a series of details are unveiled. You can thus inspect various aspects related to your transactions, such as payee, amount, balance, currency, memo, data, and more. Copying all this data to clipboard can be effortlessly done provided that you navigate to the “Edit” menu. As for printing options, clicking the “Contents” tab should reveal a button dedicated to just that.

Lets you adjust the output settings according to your needs

If you don’t change your mind as to the file you intend to convert, you need to go to the “Settings” section in order to check some other parameters. To be more specific, the currency, shares, and data format can be selected, with multiple options being put at your disposal.

Regarding the output file formats you can choose from, it need be mentioned that the program’s name does not do justice to its capabilities since it comes with support not only for CSV files but also XLS and XLSX, PDS, and POSH.

Handy app efficiently handling your financial data

All in all, QBO2CSV is an approachable piece of software that handles your financial information in a secure environment. Being able to migrate data stored as transaction files to a readable format, the program offers a preview of the contents you are processing so that you are in full control of the operation without putting too much effort into it, and for that, it is at least worth a shot.

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