Q Light Controller Plus

DMX lighting system manager with advanced capabilities, offering full control over the system components, such as dimmers or flexible heads.

  • Q Light Controller Plus
  • Version :4.11.0
  • License :Apache License 2.0
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Massimo Callegari

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Q Light Controller Plus Description

Q Light Controller Plus is a reliable tool designed to help you manage and configure several DMX lighting systems and components. The application allows you to create light schemes and control the actions of the various devices during an event. You can control various components such as dimmers or flexible heads.

Create universes and configure light sources

Q Light Controller Plus allows you to manage fixtures groups by adding several universes. Each universe is made up of one or multiple fixtures, which you can easily configure or select one of the templates. A fixture can be added to one of the universes, with a specific address and a certain channel.

A channel can be defined by a function, such as pan, tilt, speed, flash, dimmer, color mixing or reset to the original options.

The panel on the right displays the technical details of each of the selected fixtures. You can view the name of the manufacturer, model, universe, channel description and physical details, such as height, power or lens type.

Quickly setup functions

Q Light Controller Plus allows you to set up functions, based on one or more of the universes that you created. Each function includes scenes, chasers, EFX effects, RGB matrixes, scripts and audio/video tracks. All these parameters can be individually set from the dedicated panels or with the help of the wizard.

The program features two modes, namely the design mode, in which you can configure the universes and the operation mode, in which you can activate and monitor the setup.

Reliable lights control dashboard

Once the Operation mode in Q Light Controller Plus is activated, you can monitor and actively control the lights settings during any event. You can view the output of your configuration along the timeline of the event and create visual effects in the virtual console. The Simple desk allows you to modify the channels of each fixture individually.

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