Q-Eye QlikView Data File Editor

A useful QlikView data file viewer that is easy to install and handle, providing a comprehensive solution for QVD and QVX editing.

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Q-Eye QlikView Data File Editor Description

QlikView is a highly flexible analysis platform that provides high-end visual data processing and mapping. It’s a solution that is especially tailored for businesses that want to obtain accurate insight for their data in order to improve decision making.

Q-Eye QlikView Data File Editor is a tool that is aimed to offer a simple and straightforward means in which you can open, view and edit QVD files which are used in QlikView data implementations.

Easily edit QVD tables

QVD files are binary data structures which have a very small footprint and are delivered as single tables. Q-Eye QlikView Data File Editor enables you to access the content of the aforementioned files just as easily as you would open and edit an Excel spreadsheet.

It displays a user-friendly interface which should appeal to both experienced and novice users. From its main window you are able to load the data file, view the table and perform various operations.

Cells found inside QVD and QVX files can be edited with a simple click, you can highlight certain cells, rename columns, generate load scripts, search for specific data strings and replace them, as well as export data to .txt, .xls., .sql and .xml formats.

Insert or delete rows with a single click

Q-Eye QlikView Data File Editor allows you to organize columns by simply dragging them to new locations and you can copy data from one field to another using the standard Windows shortcut.

Apart from that, it’s possible to delete entire rows and columns, as well as add new ones when fresh data needs to be inserted. One thing that might seem a bit strange is that the application only adds the new column or row to the right, respectively below, the active selection but nonetheless, it’s a very quick and practical way to do it.

Easy to handle and efficient

All-in-all, Q-Eye QlikView Data File Editor has all the right advantages. It’s easy to install, requires no configuration, and most of all, it offers a simple manner in which you can edit QVD data.

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