A simple to use application that allows you to draw grids, guide lines and insert images on semi-transparent layers, for easy element aligning.

  • Pxper
  • Version :
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Dmitry Sikorsky

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Pxper Description

Pxper is a reliable program that enables you to create a set of custom guidelines, which can stay on top of all other windows and applications. The grid can thus help you align elements, measure the distance between two point, as well as verify the items placement in HTML pages. The application is easy to use and can run in the background.

Create guidelines on the desktop

Pxper features an effective, mobile command ribbon, which you can use in order to add, remove or edit the guidelines you create on your desktop. Similar to other graphic editors, Pxper allows you to draw alignment limits and guidance, except this grid remains on top of all other windows.

The guidelines remain on the desktop at all times, until you close the application or clear them away. The application maintains an icon in the system tray, which you can use in order to access quick commands. For instance, you can create a custom grid, with square spaces or sets of vertical/horizontal lines.

HTML editor and element alignment assistant

Pxper is a versatile application, since the guidelines can serve a multitude of purposes and be used with any other program. For example, you can use Pxper in Web design, by drawing custom lines, then switching between the browser and the CSS-style editor. You can thus check if the elements fit the desired guidelines.

Pxper can also add images to the guidance structure, with high transparency, in order for you to verify the item placement by viewing through the picture. This way, instead of manually placing the lines, you can use an image as reference for aligning/relocating elements.

Import grids from local files

Pxper allows you to import already created guidelines structures from . PSD files, created with Photoshop. Similarly, it allows you to save the current design to a specific file format, which you can later import in Pxper. Moreover, you can draw lines in three different colors: cyan, magenta or yellow.

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