PuzziPix Pro

Turn your pictures into mesmerizing puzzles with the help of this full-featured graphic editor that packs an impressive set of designs and editing options.

  • PuzziPix Pro
  • Version :1.0.4
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :JixiPix, LLC

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PuzziPix Pro Description

We all know the almost inexplicable enthusiasm shown when putting together the pieces of a puzzle. It is the combination of challenge and satisfaction you get at the end of the assembling process that makes the whole experience that pleasing no matter your age.

PuzziPix Pro is a program that capitalizes on this playful behavior no one can refrain from showing. What it does is turn your pictures into puzzles you can manipulate in a lot of ways so that they meet your aesthetic standards.

Treat your pictures to a healthy dose of puzzling effects

Sporting a grayish look, the program’s interface should allow you to easily get around its main capabilities, letting you explore them with ease. It comes both as a standalone product and a PhotoShop and Corel PaintShop plugin.

All you have to do is decide on the picture you want to redesign and load it, at which point you can already visualize it turned into a puzzle at the bottom of the page. A rich set of forms and styles are available for you to alter the appearance of your photo.

Cut, move and edit puzzle pieces

After opting for a specific design, you can interfere with each piece of the puzzle, which can be moved wherever you want within the picture.

You can select one or more piece at the same time, and a nice addition is that the app enables you to attach a new image to a specific component of the puzzle, thus creating interesting effects.

What’s more, moving and resizing the image on a piece of the puzzle can be instantly done, and the same applies to cropping the photo or highlighting certain areas using the button depicting a bulb.

Edit your photo so that it better suits the fragmented design

But your editing liberties do not stop here. The program also provides you with the possibility of adjusting the photo’s exposure, saturation, and texture, among other things. This is great since the fragmentation produced by the puzzle can have an impact on the way you perceive the image.

What is also nice is that you are in control of the puzzle’s background, which you can fill with a section of the image or a specific color. You can even enhance it with a paper effect.

What with the multitude of customizations that you have access to, it is only natural that you permanently know how far down the road you are. For this, an option provided by the program allows you to compare the original photo with the resulting puzzle before saving it to your PC.

A fun app that recreates your images

To sum up, PuzziPix Pro is an entertaining app that turns your photos into puzzles you can personalize in a multitude of ways.

It packs a considerable amount of puzzle designs and editing features you can benefit from without getting lost within intricate menus or hidden options, so it is aimed at all users who want to change the feel of their images.

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