Initiate an unlimited number of PuTTY sessions in a tab-based interface that enables you to manage different instances much easier.

  • PuTTYTabManager
  • Version: Beta
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Miguel Angel C

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PuTTYTabManager Description

PuTTYTabManager is an application that enables you to manage multiple concurrent connection sessions in PuTTY. The popular Telnet and SSH client can run more than one session, but in separate windows, which might be rather inconvenient to some.

Graphical interface for PuTTY, the Telnet and SSH client

This lightweight can help you overcome this by launching multiple PuTTY sessions within the same interface, but in separate tabs. This offers you the possibility to customize your working environment and organize sessions as you consider fit.

The main window enables you to initiate new sessions in different tabs and easily switch between them. You can modify the tab order and rename them for easier identification purposes. In addition to this, sessions can be easily imported into the application.

Import and manage sessions

A new session can be started either by opening a new tab or by loading a PuTTY script file. In the first case, the application calls PuTTY in order to display the xterm terminal emulator window.

Your task is to enter the session name and select its type, enter the host and configure the port number, as well as the user identification data. Just like PuTTY, this application provides support for various protocols, namely SSH, Telnet, Rlogin, Serial and Raw. Files can be copied if you have WinSCP installed while apps can be deployed on remote systems with the aid of X-Server, if it’s available.

Manage Telnet and SSH connections easily

PuTTYTabManager is exactly what its name clearly suggests, namely a session management tool for PuTTY. It cannot initiate sessions on its own, as it requires PuTTY to function properly, but it offers you fast access to the configuration window of the Telnet client. Even so, the extra feature that it brings enables you to enjoy the power of PuTTY while managing all the sessions from a user-friendly GUI.

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