Analyze palaeomagnetic data and learn more about the effects of the magnetic field in rocks, sediments and other archaeological materials.

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PuffinPlot Description

PuffinPlot is a cross-platform utility that enables you to calculate and create plots based on the data associated with the records of Earth’s magnetic field effects on minerals, rocks and sediments.

The information is used to find out behavior patterns of the magnetic field as well as detect anomalies. Palaeomagnetic data can be employed to find out the location of tectonic plates in the past and make predictions and monitor the movement of the continents. In fact, the data gathered over time has led to the continental drift hypothesis and could explain the appearance of tectonic plates, at least partially.

Generally speaking, the permanent magnetism of natural materials, such as lodestones, has been known for its ability to align from ancient times; this is why it has been used by navigators in the past. In addition, the data made it possible to create the geomagnetic polarity time scale, where you can find records of periods of normal and reversed polarity in the planet’s history.

The program includes numerous analysis functions and plot types that are commonly used in the paleomagnetism field. Therefore, you can find out the magnetic parameters, directions, declination, orientation and susceptibility meters on a certain sample or more. On a side note, the app employs a hierarchical data structure and can display multiple instances for each value analyzed.

Moreover, the application can display the data in a graph that you can easily configure, meaning that you can re-arrange it and resize it conveniently within the display area. In case it is distracting you from the actual data analysis, you can also switch it off.

It is important to note that you can export the data and your calculations to various formats, including CSV, SVG and PDF.

In case your work entails analyzing and interpreting geomagnetic values in archeological materials, then PuffinPlot can lend you a hand with interpreting the data.

System requirements

  • Java 7 or later

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