Non-obtrusive and clear-cut application which enables you to automate certain tasks and simulate mouse clicks to custom locations.

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PTFB Pro Description

PTFB Pro is a software tool that can be used in order to aid people in creating macros to automatically perform tasks, and simulate mouse clicks.

Simple-to-handle environment

The installation process does not ask you to add or download products that are not actually necessary so that this utility can proper function, and it is usually over quite fast. The UI you come face to face with presents a minimal design. It encloses a few buttons and drop-down menus, and a pane to display all created macros.

Users can find their way around it with great ease, regardless of their previous experience with computers. In case you do not know how to use something, you can easily access the comprehensive Help contents provided.

Types of macros and other settings to be configured

This software app enables you to create different types of macros. For example, you can record your actions in a specified window so as to repeat them when needed, or you can perform this operation for the entire screen. In addition to that, you can monitor a particular program, so as to force it to close each time it launches or to keep it running.

Last, but not least, you can select a window, and restore it to an established size and position when a particular trigger is met, as well as simulate mouse clicks at a particular position.

You should know that triggers can be adjusted with ease at any point, and you can set off a macro at a specific time of day, at a time interval, or when an assigned keyboard shortcut is hit. Furthermore, notifications can be issues each time this app performs an action.

Bottom line

To conclude, PTFB Pro is a very efficient piece of software, when it comes to creating different types of macros. The response time is good, the interface is intuitive and there are plenty of options to keep you tinkering for quite a while.

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