PSLIP Salary Slip Print Software

Easily generate and print monthly salary slips for one or several employees with this simple-to-use yet handy Microsoft Excel template.

  • PSLIP Salary Slip Print Software
  • Version:13.112
  • License :Demo
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:XLTOOL

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PSLIP Salary Slip Print Software Description

PSLIP – Salary Slip Print Software is a Microsoft Excel tool that enables you to create, store and print monthly records of employees’ salaries. The tool works as an Excel macro and allows you to work in a familiar environment, by managing spreadsheets.

Manage employee payment database

With PSLIP – Salary Slip Print Software, you may add, modify or remove entries from the employees’ pay database, as well as print the salary slips. The tool creates two special, preset spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel, namely one that stores the salary records and one for viewing the salary slip.

The employees’ payments database consists of an extensive table, with previously configured columns. You may easily add, modify or remove entries, in order to update the table whenever necessary. In other words, all you need to do is simply modify the entries in the desired cells, in order to reflect the past month’s payment.

Aside from the basic payment, the table also supports additional income from the same employer, as well as deductions for absences, advances, taxes or loans. All these aspects are visible on the salary slip.

Design, customize and print a salary slip

The SLIP tab in the opened worksheet hosts the salary slip template, with header, footer and stressed columns. Moreover, several shortcuts to printing or editing functions are displayed on the margins of the salary slip. By default, the template is locked, but you may unlock and modify it, in order to fit your company’s profile.

You may easily edit the header, footer and any of the indicated fields. You may browse through the entries in the database and view each one in the template, by using the dedicated function.

Printing salary slips

PSLIP – Salary Slip Print Software is a useful tool that allows you to set up an employee payment database, as well as to print the salary slips. You simply need to update the database when required, then print individual or batch salary slips. Shortcut buttons for the printing options can be found in the SLIP tab.

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