This is a light-weight, yet powerful telnet-replacement that allows you to execute processes on other systems remotely via command line.

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PsExec Description

PsExec provides you with a command-line tool created for allowing you to run applications on remote systems over the network. Unlike other utilities, PsExec does not require a prior installation of a client on the remote computers.

This particularly lightweight piece of software makes a great alternative to the telnet tool, thus helping you execute processes on various computers within your area. Lacking any proper graphical user interface, PsExec is just not meant to be utilized by inexperienced users. Although it presents a comprehensive set of argument explanations, it requires a certain level of knowledge in order to be accurately used.

While many antivirus solutions may trigger security alerts as you try to access remote computers, you can rest assured that PsExec is not harmful in any way, if utilized properly. Of course, handled by a hacker, it can prove to be a weapon of mass destruction. Aside from that, this rather thorough program delivers the means to start command prompts on remote systems.

The main objective of PsExec is to make applications start and run as they were accessed locally rather than remotely. This way, you can approach more processes and execute them just the way you see fit. With PsExec, you can take full control of the remote computer and use it to perform a series of tasks while working on several connections.

The bottomline with PsExec is that it can prove to be a really fine addition to your remote application arsenal. With PsExec, you can quickly and easily connect to several computers in your network and assign different jobs for each and every one of them without having to be there physically. That, some, if not most of the times, can be perceived as more than a helping hand.

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