Monitor and administer services, devices, windows, installed applications, processes and modules, terminate their activity, change their startup type, save information, and more.

  • pserv
  • Version :4.1
  • License :BSD License
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Gerson Kurz

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pserv Description

pserv is a clear-cut piece of software that enables you to monitor and terminate currently running processes, services and modules. It also lets you manage active windows and remove installed programs.

Intuitive interface and options

Packed up in a user-friendly interface, represented by a common-looking window with a neatly organized structure, pserv automatically loads all the necessary information at startup, permitting you to navigate different panes for the services, devices, windows, installed programs, processes, and modules.

You can check out various details, such as the name, process ID, current state, user, type, start type, binary path name, load order group, and error control of each service. The running and stopped ones can be easily told apart by color.

View and manage services, devices, windows, programs, processes and modules

When it comes to services and devices, it’s possible to start, stop, restart and pause them, set the startup type to automatic, manual or disabled, open their location in the Windows registry or file manager, connect to the local or a remote machine, or delete their registry entries with one click.

Meanwhile, windows selected from the list can be shown, hidden, brought to the front, minimized, or maximized. Installed programs can be seamlessly removed, while processes can be debugged or terminated.

pserv puts a filtering function at your disposal, so you can view only particular items from the lists. What’s more, you can export all details to an XML file or copy them to the Clipboard.

Evaluation and conclusion

No error messages were shown in our tests, and the software application didn’t hang or crash. Its impact on the overall performance of the machine was minimal, thanks to the fact that it required low CPU and RAM to work properly.

All in all, pserv proves to be a reliable assistant for monitoring and controlling services, devices, windows, programs, processes and modules. Heavy computer experience is not needed to figure it out.

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