Convert units, solve equations, perform advanced calculations and design chemical compounds by using this handy application with a rich interface.

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ProsimGraphsPro Description

Working in science or engineering fields can be a real challenge, especially since testing certain processes is highly risky, expensive or it demands tools that you do not possess or are not familiar with.

Using an application that provides multiple helpful functions might save you from a sticky situation and ProSimGraphsPro is one of those apps.

Buggy user interface

Although the interface might seem complex and loaded with lots of useful tools, many of them are non-responsive or have almost no functionality. For example, during our testing on Windows 8.1, trying to add a text label to any of the program’s sections resulted in error messages or crashed the application.

After adding certain elements to your workscreen, it is not possible to remove them individually, but only by using the Clear Screen button.

Accessing the configuration menu can be done easily from the main window, but many of the settings are not saved upon exiting.

Basic functions

ProSimGraphsPro provides you with simple unit conversion tools and allows you to choose from various categories, such as time, temperature, volume, pressure, velocity and volume. The program automatically transforms your prefered parameters in SI units.

It is possible to perform complex calculations using the integrated tool with functions that are commonly used in science or engineering fields, such as Cos, Sin and Tan.

You can design chemical equations using the ChemDesigner. However, the program does not allow you to insert custom compounds, structures or elements, instead it features a list of preset items.

Graph creation can be tricky, since you can only design them from a configuration menu, which does not provide you with a live preview, whatsoever. Editing can mostly be done in the same fashion, since on-graph modifications are very limited.

The application comes with a simple periodic table that you can use to view details about a specific element, although the information bubble does not always show up.

Poor user interface interaction

ProSimGraphsPro provides a simplistic help manual for users who encounter difficulties, which includes basic guides for some of the program’s functions.

In conclusion, ProSimGraphsPro can be a useful asset if you want a working toolbox that includes a unit conversion tool, a calculator, and a periodic table, but do not expect any complex functions.

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