A simple to use application that can help you schedule and organize important events or tasks, as well as to calculate the total cost of an activity.

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ProjectTimer Description

ProjectTimer is an intuitive software that can act as a desktop timer for your team projects or tasks, by organizing the events and calculating their total cost. The software can estimate the ending time and date, based on the approximate task duration. Moreover, you can easily monitor their development right from your desktop.

Task creator and organizer

You may easily start a new task, set its priority and color, then modify the column information, if required. The list on the left side of the main window displays all the active projects, while on the right side you may view all the afferent tasks to each project, both active or finished. Each task is presented with its starting time and date, duration, small description, status, activity type, price and total cost.

Whenever creating a new task the software automatically sets its starting time as the current system time. The duration can be modified on the spot, and the ending time is calculated accordingly. The status of each task can indicate whether they are on going or if they are closed. The price represents each work hour’s worth, while the total cost is estimated according to the task’s duration times the price per hour.

Detailed report generator

The software can generate activity reports, for each project, indicating the number of tasks, their current status and sort them by the type of activity. You can view reports reflecting the specified period of time, then export it to XML, CSV, HTML or Excel. You may also print the report or send it by mail.

Moreover, you may customize certain parameters, such as default activity duration, reminder pop up position, task types, prices or statuses. Additionally, the software can automatically generate project back-ups, at the specified interval. You may easily add or remove task types or statuses, according to your requirements, as well as modify the price per hour for each type.

Useful desktop organizer

ProjectTimer is a reliable office organizer that enables you to create tasks and monitor their evolution, as well as receive periodic reminders of an on-going task. Moreover, the software enables you to estimate the general cost of a certain project based on the required number of work hours and the price per hour.

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