A powerful solution which offers a wide range of intuitive tools especially designed to help you better manage tour company’s projects.

  • ProjectForge
  • Version : 6.15.0
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Kai Reinhard

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ProjectForge Description

ProjectForge is a professional solution developed to offer and ensure accurate management for almost all aspects that have to do with successfully managing a business.

With it you are able to create Gantt diagrams for entire projects, map out and organize the structure of your company, assign vacation periods for employees and share the calendars, manage invoices and much more.

A complex browser-based project manager

ProjectForge is a software solution that is far from being hard to install as the entire process takes a couple of minutes and prompts you for very little input. Once it’s installed on your system, you simply launch it using the server. It’s all fairly simple and straightforward and should pose no problems even to those who are unfamiliar with this type of management system.

The moment you make your way to ProjectForge’s user interface is when previous experience counts. If you’ve used similar applications then this one should appear to be intuitive as all the functions and tools are placed in neatly organized menus.

Accessing and editing information is done in a simple manner but there are sections where if you’re not acquainted with its content or the actual data, you’ll find yourself staring at the screen, not making too much sense of what’s there.

Manage everything about your business

ProjectForge provides a very large pallet of tasks and areas where it can be used. Calendars, addresses, finances, costs, reports, organization and administrative aspects can easily be overlooked and managed.

Since not all businesses are the same, the application allows you to customize its menus, add or remove items and much more. Additionally, ProjectForge comes as an open-source piece of software which means that it can be shaped to fit with all your needs.

A powerful project manager

The above merely scratches the surface of what you can do using ProjectForge so if you have the patience to find out more, you should definitely give it a try.

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