Project Cost Tracking Organizer Deluxe

A simple to use application which allows you to manage a database of project expenses records, create reports, then export or print them.

  • Project Cost Tracking Organizer Deluxe
  • Version:4.1
  • License :Trial
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:PrimaSoft PC

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Project Cost Tracking Organizer Deluxe Description

Project Cost Tracking Organizer Deluxe is a reliable program that allows you to create a comprehensive database in which to keep records of the expenses made for a project. The software is user-friendly and features a split interface that facilitates viewing and adding new information to the database.

Manage project costs database

Project Cost Tracking Organizer Deluxe is a simple tool that enables you to set up a series of databases, in order to help manage the required expenses for projects. You may easily create a project entry and manage it on a per-task basis, by entering the budget for every stage.

The software features a split interface: on the left you may view and access the database tables, while the right side features several tabs, each containing information fields that you can fill in. This structure makes it easy for you to simply select the desired table and immediately modify or update the data inside.

Searching engine and data transfer

Project Cost Tracking Organizer Deluxe allows you to easily manage the data contained within the tables, facilitating imports or exports. Moreover, its powerful searching engine is capable of finding the desired entry, by project name, manager, category, status, start date, costs, balance, even comments.

The software can generate comprehensive reports for each entry in the database, as well as a general report. Moreover, you can print labels or customized documents, index the database entries, repair corrupted files and create backups. The software can also generate summaries based on each differential criteria in the table.

Export and import data

Project Cost Tracking Organizer Deluxe allows you to quickly manage the information in the database or create new entries, by importing data from local files: .TXT, .DBF, Netscape bookmarks, XML, Excel or images. Similarly, you can easily export the selected entries to the same file types. The software can be password protected and supports creating reminders or re-designing the database fields thanks to the dedicated function.

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