Create your own quick-access program list, with this launchbar utility that will allow you to customize your app list and open multiple programs simultaneously.

  • ProgramLaunch
  • Version :3.33.14
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Jens Christian

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ProgramLaunch Description

Nowadays, users might find their desktop more and more crowded with various applications and, as their number increases, the efficiency of their workflow decreases. ProgramLaunch was created as a supplement or even replacement for the Window Start menu, and it will help users create their own custom list of applications, programs, URLs and even folders. This way, users will have a quick-access path to their favorite apps and, therefore, their work efficiency will improve.

Stylish interface with basic features that will accommodate a user-defined applications list

ProgramLaunch will present users with a straightforward interface that will allow them to add shortcuts to their preferred applications and customize their appearance. It offers a modern design that will feature multiple skins, and the default icons will be pleasant to the eye.

Once opened, the application appears floating over the desktop, and it can only be minimized through the help of hotkeys. Users might be bothered, since the application cannot be re-entered in other ways, and will not minimize to the taskbar or tray icon.

Fair amount of customization for the added programs, but with unstable behavior when used on multiple displays

Users will be able to define their own hotkeys for toggling the application, set specific autohide timers and hint support for the different application shortcuts. Icon size and appearance are highly adjustable and users can even define shortcuts for enabling multiple programs simultaneously.

Looking at its pitfalls, ProgramLaunch’s default apps – Clock, Calendar, Recycle Bin and AC Power – cannot be opened, and users will only be able to view information about them. Furthermore, when used on systems with multiple displays, the application will only work on the primary display, and will often exhibit crashes when users try to move it to the secondary displays.

Good software solution for creating your own quick-access application list, but with some disadvantages

ProgramLaunch could be a decent choice for users who seek a replacement for their Start menu, and it will offer an accessible floating interface, where they will be able to add the preferred programs. It is easy to use, but, unfortunately, does possess some drawbacks that might make users reconsider for other software packages. Being accessible only through hotkeys might bother users who want to access it differently, and its unstable behavior when deployed on systems with multiple displays will certainly not be appreciated.

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