A console-based application that enables you to generate dump files for running processes, in order to determine what causes it to crash.

  • ProcDump
  • Version :8.0
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Sysinternals

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ProcDump Description

Developed by Sysinternals, ProcDump is a reliable tool for any administrator or software developer, enabling them to determine the cause of high CPU usage while an specific application is running.

Simple process dumping utility

ProcDump helps you analyze processor spikes and determine their origin. You can use it to create a dump of a running process when the CPU is intensely used, so as to find out what causes the crash.

In addition to this, it can create dump files when an unhandled exception is generated or when a window is not responding for at least five seconds.

Set CPU and memory usage thresholds

The application only runs in the command prompt, but it shouldn’t pose any problems to more experiences users who are a bit familiar with the console. Each of its options is explained in detail and if that is not enough, there is a set of example command lines that you can access.

You can configure the application to create a dump file when a specific CPU usage threshold is reached. A memory commit limit can also be created. Alternatively, you can ignore the threshold option and create a dump file for a running process on the spot.

Find out what causes crashes or unhandled exceptions

ProcDump can provide details about each process launched on your computer, along with thread and handle information, as well as memory read and write operations. Furthermore, you can set it to create a clone of the target process and monitor all the threads.

ProcDump allows a detailed analysis of the way an application functions, which can prove extremely useful to software developers. It assists you in generating detailed crash dumps, so as to determine the cause of an application’s behavior.

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