Protect your privacy, bypass location restrictions and censorship by navigating in anonymous mode on the Internet with this application.

  • PriWeb
  • Version :2017 1.5 Build 285
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Abelssoft

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PriWeb Description

There are various reasons why Internet users look for ways to conceal their real identity when online. Whether we are talking about avoiding mass monitoring, bypassing location restrictions, or privacy protection, a virtual private network usually does the trick. PriWeb provides a web browser that focuses mainly on securing the user's identity.

Create an account and connect to a VPN to protect your identity

Before using PriWeb, users have to register. Once their account is created, the browser is functional and anonymous navigation is possible.

PriWeb features an integrated VPN service that allows users to connect to a VPN server in one of the available countries to secure their online connection. The entire data traffic that travels from the local computer through PriWeb and onto the Web is redirected to the selected server so that the original IP address is hidden.

Bookmark and download managers inside a tab-based browser

Apart from the integrated VPN module, PriWeb behaves just like any other browser. It features an address bar where the URL must be entered, is boasts home, refresh and navigation buttons, a bookmark manager to store frequently visited webpages, as well as a download manager. Additionally, it comes with a built-in popup blocker.

While its feature set turns it into a usable Internet browser, PriWeb needs more work to match its competitors. No customization settings are available, and opened tabs cannot be managed too easily. On the bright side, its web surfing speed is satisfactory.

A browser with an integrated VPN module to provide anonymity

While PriWeb can be used as a simple navigator, its purpose is to provide anonymous browsing, with all the advantages that come along. In other words, its utmost feature is to facilitate the connection to a virtual private network to hide the user's real location.

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