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Easily open new private tabs using a straightforward key combination so that the cookies, visited pages and searches are not saved in Firefox history.

  • Private Tab
  • Version:0.2.2
  • License :Freeware
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Infocatcher

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Private Tab Description

In spite of the fact that most people associate private browsing with visiting adult websites, the truth is that the feature can come in handy in various situations. From signing in the same service using multiple accounts and buying a gift for a loved one to wanting to search for a product while avoiding the query to define your recommendations, there are various reasons why you may want to switch to private browsing.

As the name suggests, Private Tabs is an extension for Firefox that enables you to launch a private tab directly from your browser with a simple keyboard combination.

Blends seamlessly into Firefox’s streamlined interface

Considering that it is an extension, the setup entails you add the utility to Firefox and then restart your browser so that the new changes take effect. It is worth mentioning that the extension does not include any option and it is not visible on Firefox’s toolbar, but rather you can open a private tab via a shortcut combination.

Accessing online content via private browsing comes with manifold advantages, including, but not limited to preventing accidental saving of log-in credentials to accounts or engaging in pure queries that are not influenced by prior history, networks or friends recommendations, that in some cases may hinder the possibility to find what you are looking for.

Launch and close the private tab seamlessly

You will be happy to learn that starting a new private tab can be done by clicking Control, Alt and T keys simultaneously, whereas closing the tab can be done by hitting the standard shortcut combination. Therefore, if you can easily close the website you are visiting before anyone gets near your computer.

While it is true that Firefox currently includes its own private browsing mode, the issue is that it launches a new window instead of a tab. Without denying that their roles are similar, a private tab is usually more inconspicuous.

A handy utility for any Firefox user

Regardless of whether you want to access your personal email, access content that is marked as not safe for work or you are looking for a surprise gift for your loved ones, adding Private Tabs to your browser can help you achieve your goal.

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