priPrinter Server

Preview your documents before printing them, edit the text, apply special effects, insert watermark and various objects, and print files remotely.

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priPrinter Server Description

priPrinter Server is a professional software application whose purpose is to help you preview your print jobs before you send them to your physical printer. It provides support for several editing features that allow you to alter the layout, reposition pages, crop them as well as apply watermarks.

The tool features remote printing capabilities which may come in handy if you want to print from network computers.

Clean and intuitive layout

The application adopts a ribbon-styled interface where all features are neatly organized in the main panel. For those users already familiar with Microsoft products, the program’s GUI seems pretty easy to work with.

There’s also support for a comprehensive help manual in case you can’t manage to understand the functionality of each dedicated parameter.

Importing and exporting options

Files can be added in the working environment using the drag-and-drop support. You can preview the pages included in each document directly from the main window, rotate them to different angles, check out doc info, zoom in or out, and go to the previous or next document or page.

You may print both sides, print to bitmaps (your document is saved to a set of image files) or export data to PDF file format while having the possibility to reduce images, alter the JPEG quality, add details about the title, author, subjects and keywords, password-protect the file, insert signatures, and send emails.

Altering the page layout

You may search for text, adjust the text in terms of font, size and color, choose between several page layouts which can be found in the Themes category (e.g. A4, booklet with different paper sheets, default), and alter the orientation, margins and gutters.

What’s more, you can create a custom layout which may include a desired number of pages on one paper sheet, insert blank pages, and delete pages.

Working with several effects and inserting objects

priPrinter Server gives you the possibility to add page borders and separators, crop marks, choose the page color, apply grayscale effects, remove graphics from documents, adjust the brightness and contrast, and select the desired tone/ink saving mode.

When it comes to working with insertion tools, you can add text, pictures, rectangles, ellipses, callouts, clouds, lines, arrows, freehand designs, as well as custom or predefined watermarks (e.g. Confidential, Draft, Final).

The cropping feature enables you to remove blank or unnecessary page borders or eliminate internal part of page graphics or text.

Printing modes and configuration settings

There’s support for three different printing modes, namely standard (a perfect copy of the original is generated), compatibility (some items may be rendered differently) or print as bitmap (it renders the document as an image).

Additionally, you may use a magnifier for analyzing objects in detail, limit the amount of disk space to use, send deleted items to Recycle Bin, set file associations, and change the looks of the utility with the aid of different color schemes.

An overall powerful and reliable utility

All in all, priPrinter Server comes with an impressive set of formatting and editing features for altering printable files. Thanks to its advanced pack of options, it is suitable especially for power users.

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