This comprehensive suite of Visual Basic codes allows you to insert the option that displays the printer preferences dialog in your applications.

  • PrinterSetup.bas
  • Version:1.00.13
  • License :Demo
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:M8 Software(UK)

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PrinterSetup.bas Description

PrinterSetup.bas is a reliable tool that allows you to integrate direct printing options in your applications.

It comes as a module of Visual Basic codes, which can successfully be used with VB 5, VB 6 and VBA.

PrinterSetup.bas allows you to include the one-button print function to your applications, as a convenient form of exporting statistical data or other type of information.

The function prompts the printer preferences window, or document properties dialog box on the screen. Thus, you can make the desired settings and send the file straight to the printer.

The codes allow you to connect to the default printer, however, you may select the desired device, from the preferences window. Moreover, you can insert several types of options, such as paper type, print quality, page orientation, automatic resizing, add borders or file resolution.

Additionally, you may include paper saving options, such as flip pages, preserve layout or print several pages on one sheet.

Depending on the printer, you may enable special features or include the possibility of changing options straight from the printer. For example, you may modify the paper size, by selecting one of the available international size templates.

Similarly, you can enable the printer interleaving, for obtaining the most suitable quality for printing or for publishing on the Web.

Otherwise, you can switch it to Off, which is generally suitable for picture viewing. You may also set the compression for images: JPG or PNG.

Not only can you insert the option for printer configuration, but you may also set the codes so that the settings are instantly saved. This way, you only need to change the preferences when you wish to print a different type of document.

PrinterSetup.bas is useful in application development, since it allows you to insert the one-click printing option to your programs.

Limitations in the unregistered version

  • Only allows you to test an already-compiled program

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