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Distribute, archive, route and control your printed output without a lot of effort with this handy tool that allows you to create virtual printers.

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Print Distributor Description

Working in an office where people need to print a large number of documents can prove challenging for system administrators, especially when there are also many printers to manage at once.

One of the applications that can be used to simplify the management of printed jobs is Print Distributor Manager, as it allows users to distribute, route and control printed output effortlessly.

Create virtual printers

The application can be used to create virtual printers, which allow users to manage the printed output from virtually any application. Employees can use these virtual printers just as they would use any other printer.

With the help of these virtual printers, administrators can ensure that printing jobs are performed faster, as they are automatically balanced to all available printers, and not sent to a single one. Furthermore, virtual printers can be shared just any regular printer.

Set up multiple actions for virtual printers

Print Distributor Manager comes with support for defining multiple actions for virtual printers. The program can be used to create documents, to run programs or scripts, to send emails, or to run an action under a different user account.

Admins can define one or several actions for each of the created virtual printers, and can easily edit and modify these settings according to their needs.

Combine multiple documents in a single one

The tool includes the support for combining multiple small documents into a single one. Called Accumulate, it has been designed to hold back printing jobs and perform them at once, thus creating a single document.

Users can set the application to release the collected document as soon as it has reached a certain page count or after a given timeout after the last document has been added to the print job.

An intuitive tool

All in all, Print Distributor Manager is an easy-to-use, powerful application that allows system admins to manage multiple printers and print jobs from a single interface, for increased efficiency. It can be used to balance operations, to create files on the computer, or to combine multiple documents to a single one.

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