Makes it possible to always know the whereabouts of your registered devices, as well as locked them down in case of theft with just a few mouse clicks.

  • Prey
  • Version : 1.6.9
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Fork Ltd

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Prey Description

Nowadays, our devices carry with them a lot of important and sensitive data, from private files all the way to saved accounts and passwords. This means that (knock on wood) having our computer stolen can lead to some serious repercussions in terms of privacy.

Here comes Prey, a simple but efficient piece of software that makes it possible for you to locate your computer in case of theft. This said, you can imagine that Prey cannot protect your devices from actually getting stolen, but if this happens, it helps you locate them and maybe even retrieve them.

Simple installation and registration process

The first thing you should know is the fact that Prey works on a fairly simple principle: you only need to install the lightweight agent on your computer, create an account and register your device(s).

Subsequent to its installation, Prey does not make its presence known on your computer, as it runs an unobtrusive agent in the background. If you want to actually interact with Prey and track your devices or remote control them, you need to log on to your account using any available web browser.

User-friendly and web-based interface

Once logged in, you are greeted by a modern looking and intuitive web-based interface that enables you to add new devices, view all the information about your registered ones and customize the app’s behavior.

Thanks to an easy to understand principle and a user-friendly interface, working with Prey feels like a walk in the park.

Track down your devices or, in extreme situations, wipe them out clean

Besides accurately tracking your device, you can also generate reports, sound an alarm (for example, if your device is lost in your proximity and hearing distance), send messages to your stolen device and even lock it down so the harm doers can’t access it.

But, more importantly, in extreme cases, Prey also enables you to delete all your browser data and all your email accounts along with passwords and sensitive information. If everything is lost and you know that there is no chance of retrieving your device, you can ultimately use Prey to wipe your device clean.

Trustworthy app for tracking your devices’ whereabouts, but not perfect

For pure security reasons, Prey does not make its presence known on your computer, not even in the Programs and Features window. But despite its subdued nature, the app can still be easily found with the help of Windows’ search function. Therefore, if the presumed thieves have a small degree of computer knowledge, Prey can be easily deleted, which does not help your case of retrieving your stolen device.

Hands down, Prey is a very efficient and trustworthy app that helped and will continue to help people find their devices. The application is accurate, easy to use and efficient, but it does not represent a certain solution for finding your device.

Before everything else, the development team behind Prey need or should implement some sort of complex protection feature that makes it impossible for the thieves to remove it from your computer.

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