Presentity (Core)

SDK for .NET that supports working over an Internet connection and allows you to connect several computers for communication or assistance purposes.

Presentity Demo (for server API v2) Download Now

Presentity Demo (for server API v1) Download Now

Presentity (Core) Description

Presentity (Core) is a lightweight software development kit (SDK) that can simplify the work of developers by providing them with a wide variety of useful features they can make use of.

Its main purpose is to help programmers interconnect multiple computers and allow them to communicate via a shared conference room. This might prove to be useful especially if users lack a safe, secure environment for a confidential meeting or want to receive or offer computer assistance from or to another user.

This development kit only works with .NET applications and requires that the host computers have .NET Framework installed in order to function as it was intended.

Testing the application can be achieved by running two instances of the executable on the same computer. However, this requires the computer to be equipped with two different network cards. Running the executable prompts the users to type a name in the dedicated box and after that attempts to connect the computer to the target server.

Users can safely send messages one to another by typing it in the second field and hitting the Send button. The executable component displays it in the conversation section, but only for other computers.

The shared server is called the Presence and Signaling server and it allows developers to connect an unlimited number of clients, send unlimited messages and host as many conferences as they want to. Doing so is possible as the server is open to the public, making it possible for every user to perform these actions effortlessly.

System requirements

  • .NET Framework 4.0

Limitations in the unregistered version

  • The public server does not support SSL

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