PredictWind Offshore

Get accurate marine weather forecast with the help of this professional and feature-packed yet highly novice-accessible piece of software.

  • PredictWind Offshore
  • Version :2.6.0 Build 119
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :PredictWind Ltd.

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PredictWind Offshore Description

Specially developed for both passionate and professional sailors around the world, PredictWind Offshore is a comprehensive and robust that packs some of the latest weather modeling technology and other, useful topographical information to provide accurate and high-resolution marine forecasting possible.

Easy to install, simple to get started with and it works on some of the most important OSes out there

Before anything, you should know that this is a cross-platform application with versions supported by some of the most important OSes to date, namely Windows and macOS, as well as mobile-based ones, such as iOS and Android.

The application undergoes a quick and uneventful installation process, just as long as you remember to provide its installer with full system rights. Once deployed and launched, you are required to log in using your official PredictWind credentials.

Streamlined and modern-looking interface

Considering its capabilities that deliver some of the most accurate forecasts, when you first lay your eye upon the app’s interface you’ll be in for quite a surprise. The interface is simplistic and very well thought-out, boasting a modern look and feel as well as a neatly-organized layout.

There are three main elements that are worth discussing, a View panel on the right side of the main window, an appropriately-named Waypoints panel on the right and a bottom toolbar that allows you to toggle between Wind, Rain, Cloud, Air Temp, Swell and Sea Temp maps.

You don’t have to have a masters degree in marine weather forecast in order to access the app’s full potential

Setting up the waypoints is relatively straightforward as you are only required to set the exact GPS coordinates for the departure and the destination.

Accessing the app’s main features (GRIB High Resolution, GRIB Offshore, Currents, Weather Routing, Departure Planning, Destination Forecast, GMDSS Forecasts and Satellite Imagery) from the aforementioned left-sided panel is also a hassle-free experience but please note that you first need to download sets of information for each section.

Some of the best marine wind prediction tools, at the tips of your fingers

All in all, if you are looking for a high-end software solution for marine wind and weather forecast, then PredictWind Offshore should probably be one of your top choices, if not your first.

Powered by an impressive framework for 50/8/1 km resolution modeling, the possibility of offering detailed forecasts for over 20.000 live stations across the globe, a comprehensive set of planning and prognosis features, a novice-accessible interface and support for some of the most popular desktop and mobile platforms out there, we can safely say that this is one of most striking weather apps we have ever come across.

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