Restore attributes to hidden files, repair services that are commonly killed by ZeroAccess and delete rogue malware from your PC with this tool.

  • Pre_Scan
  • Version :7_13.07.17.1
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :[email protected]@n

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Pre_Scan Description

In the unfortunate event that you are dealing with a malware infection, then it is likely that you cannot access certain services on your computer because they are usually disabled.

Pre_Scan is a handy piece of software that repairs broken services that are corrupted by Trojans and repairs keys, ActiveX components and restores hidden files attributes that are modified during an infection.

Outdated and rugged, yet user-friendly interface

The program is portable and hence, you can use it as soon as you download it to your computer. Upon launch, the application prompts you to disable your antivirus so that it can scan efficiently and identify infected files that made their ways undetected among your security solution.

While it does not sport a stylish or well-structured look, the interface is approachable and should not give you any troubles, regardless of your experience level with similar tools. You should bear in mind that during the scan, you cannot access any files or applications installed on your system. Nevertheless, you will be happy to learn that the operation takes less than one minute.

Allows you to restore files that are placed in quarantine

It is important to note that the program shuts down your computer after the scan and repair are complete. The idea behind the tool is not only to detect harmful apps, but also to delete rogues, Trojans, repair services disabled by malware, restore hidden file attributes and fix errors related to file extensions, bad launches and ActiveX, just to name a few of its capabilities.

While a reboot is in order for the changes to take effect, it would have been nice if the application provided you with some warning before the shutdown. Following the restart, you can preview the files that are placed in quarantine and, if necessary, restore the ones that you know are not malware or potentially dangerous for your computer.

A useful app for cleaning your computer and repairing services

In case you suspect your computer is infected with malware and you cannot access services or system components, but dread the idea of having to wait for hours for antivirus solutions to scan and identify the culprits, then perhaps Pre_Scan could lend you a hand.

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