Praxis LIVE

Create audio or video patches and MIDI bindings, generate interactive media installations and script files with this application.

  • Praxis LIVE
  • Version: 3.1.0
  • License :GPL
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Neil C. Smith

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Praxis LIVE Description

Good entertainment is most often the product of multiple hours of laborious work. In recent decades, anyone involved in this activity has benefited a lot from the increase in available digital tools. Praxis LIVE is just one such application, allowing its users to create unique live performances in an advanced and visual IDE.

Create unique multimedia presentations

To expand on the previous statement, the program features a highly intuitive and natural method of generating projects, as users link the various components with connectors. The program can load any number of custom audio or video files and users can customize most of the process’ parameters.

From position to start and end timers, as well as speed parameters and loop settings, users are free to customize the final layout of their multimedia show. The program is specifically built to allow users to work with multiple concurrent components of various types and most resource-intensive processes are performed in the background so as not to interrupt the workflow.

Comes with a built-in editor for Java scripts

Users can also employ the application to map MIDI controllers or OSC addresses to any property and the program features an integrated editor for Java and GLSL scripts. This layout ensures the program strikes a good balance between power and accessibility.

An overall powerful tool, the application’s highly flexible nature allows its users to experiment with all its features to obtain the best results. Once satisfied with their work, users can export their projects to ZIP formats for easy dissemination and a print function can be employed to put ideas to paper swiftly.

A comprehensive solution for generating customized live shows with both audio and video elements

In conclusion, Praxis LIVE is a powerful program for anyone who is part of the entertainment business. Specifically, the utility allows its users to create features rich multimedia projections in a programming-like environment where one has full control over the properties of the components employed.

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