Powerpoint Find and Replace Batch

Find and replace specific terms in PowerPoint presentations with the help of this approachable tool that also enables you to format text.

  • Powerpoint Find and Replace Batch
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Powerpoint Find and Replace Batch Description

We have all experienced the dread of making last-minute modifications to a major project, and the fear of overlooking essential aspects is more than justified, especially when the stress load reaches high levels.

This is the reason employing a reliable software solution might be not only less time-consuming but also foolproof. Powerpoint Find And Replace Batch is one such utility that allows you to apply small changes to your PPT, PPTX, and PPTM files.

Easy-to-use three-panel interface

Before anything else, it must be said that the program sports a basic GUI that, despite the fact that it does not stand out from the crowd, remains easily accessible no matter your level of expertise.

The main window is split into three main sections, one dedicated to the files you intend to process, another to adding the string of text you want to work with, while the last one enables you to format words.

Helps you make small changes to PPT, PPTX, and PPTM files

As mentioned, the program’s core functionality is linked to adding and replacing words in PowerPoint documents in batch mode. Once you have settled on which files you want to adjust, you simply need to add them one by one or by selecting an entire folder, and in case you change your mind, removing any of them is a piece of cake.

Indicating the words you want to identify as well as their replacements can be done either by typing in the string of text or by importing them from a TXT or CSV document. Besides, you can specify whether the process should be case-sensitive.

Last but not least, once you have made a list of all the words you want to be replaced, a nice addition is the possibility of formatting them so that you don’t need to open the PowerPoint document. In any case, renouncing these changes can be done at any point, so there is no reason to worry about making unwanted tweaks. Once you click the “Start Find Replace” button, the program prompts you to indicate an output location for your new PowerPoint documents, and you’re done.

Handy app that ensures your accuracy when tweaking PowerPoint documents

All in all, Powerpoint Find And Replace Batch is an easy-to-use program that is of particular help when trying to make small changes to your documents without dealing with accuracy issues. Its reactions are fast, and it deals with its tasks without encountering any difficulties.

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