PowerCryptor Free Edition

An efficient and easy to use application developed to provide you with reliable means of password protecting your files using strong encryption.

  • PowerCryptor Free Edition
  • Version :
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :PowerCryptor Software

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PowerCryptor Free Edition Description

PowerCryptor Free Edition is an intuitive and user-friendly software solution whose main purpose is to provide you with the ability to protect the contents of all your files, regardless of their format, using a password of your own devise.

The program is fairly simple to work with, featuring a basic interface, organized in several tabs to allow you to switch between them with ease and access the various tools and functions it offers.

PowerCryptor Free Edition enables you to add files manually, by browsing through your computer and loading them individually or by loading an entire directory of items. Similarly, you can drag and drop the targeted files onto the main window of the application.

From the toolbar or the context menu, you can encode or decode the files, after inputting a preferred password. At the same time, you have the option of changing the password on an already ciphered file, or you can open and read one without decrypting it.

PowerCryptor Free Edition features several tools that can assist you in your work, namely ‘Password Generator’, ‘Encrypt Text’ and ‘File Checksum’. Using the ‘Password Generator’, you can create complex and difficult to crack access keys, with upper and lower case letters, numbers, special characters or even spaces. You can set the preferred length, and finally click on the ‘Generate’ button.

The ‘Encrypt Text’ component allows you to input a string of text, manually or by importing a TXT file, then pressing on ‘Encrypt’. You will be prompted to enter a password and confirm it, after which your message will be encoded beyond recognition. You can save it or copy it to clipboard.

To conclude, PowerCryptor Free Edition is a useful and reliable utility that can successfully assist you in enciphering your files, so that no unauthorized individuals can access or use them without your permission.

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