Create applications in Delphi or C++ Builder that can directly access your PostgreSQL and without having to bother with BDE and ODBC.

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PostgresDAC Description

More often than not, using a Borland Database Engine (BDE) entails that you manipulate the data more conveniently, particularly as it comes with a set of drivers that enables your application to talk to several different types of databases. On the other hand, let us keep in mind that the BDE API comes with dozens of functions and procedures, which can make operating it rather tedious.

PostgresDAC is a set of components that enables you to create applications for Delphi or C++ Builder that can communicate with PostgreSQL databases. The difference, however, is that the tool replaces the need for a BDE and it is fully compatible with all the existing data-aware controls and report designers.

A noteworthy component is the TPSQLDataBase that provides you with a discrete control over a connection to a single database. As far as the manipulation of the data is concerned, the library enables you to encapsulate database tables, data sets with a result set that is based on an SQL statement or executing scripts that include more than one statement.

In addition, the library includes a component that enables you to backup a PostgreSQL database that allows you to make consistent copies of the database you are employing concurrently. The again, it is worth mentioning that during the processing, the TPSQLDump does not block users from accessing the database.

System requirements

  • Delphi 5-2009 or C++Builder 5-2009
  • PostgreSQL 7.4 and higher

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