Postal Barcoder Max

This specialized bit of software allows its users to easily create USPS Intelligent Mail barcodes and provides tracking for mail orders.

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Postal Barcoder Max Description

The transition of all things related to postal services and parcel carriers to the digital medium has had direct translations into increases in efficiency and an overall more facile process, from start to finish, or, to be more specific, from sender to recipient. However, the associated logistical challenges still remained. Postal Barcoder Max was designed in order to address the issues and tasks whose scope encompass mail barcodes, for traceability and easier tracking into the postal system.

General overview of the available options makes for easy selection and efficient handling

We were pleasantly surprised by the application’s main interface and corresponding layout. We believe that its clean looks and overall uncluttered air are ideal, as these traits enable users to have a good overview of the available tasks.

Be it that you need to create some barcodes for your regular first class mail, attach them to a mailing list or, perform tracking for a given AWB, it’s all there, one single click away. Of course, all the main features are also found in the dedicated menus, coupled with more, extensive settings and options.

Create barcodes and assign them to mailing lists, address sorting, and tracking information with ease

When looking at the individual features that are provided by Postal Barcoder Max, these offer both diversity and flexibility. By having them classified according to standard operations, one can easily find the right tool for a particular task.

Every single operation features a quite detailed approach and loads of details can be inputted for customizing the barcode generation process, tracking, as well as assigning items to a mailing list.

Dedicated postal services solution, whose functionality encompasses a broad range of barcode applications

With an emphasis on efficiency and overall accessible handling, this application can provide reliable performance for creating, editing, and managing barcodes for envelopes and parcels, in a postal service management context.

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