POS Maid

A comprehensive, yet easy to use software that can work with Point of Sale or Credit Card Processing devices and manage the products inventory.

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POS Maid Description

POS Maid is a simple to use software that enables you to process payments and transaction through the Point of Sale devices. The application enables you to handle legal tender, orders, apply taxes and discounts, as well as print out receipts or invoices.Moreover, POS Maid acts as a database manager that you can use to administrate your business.

Handle transactions is a quick and organized way

POS Maid allows you to manage your sales business, since it is configured to include every situation that can occur during an order processing. The software enables you to create a database of products, customers, suppliers and employees. Thus, when generating a report, invoice or receipt, you need only to select them from the drop down menu.

The software supports processing payments by cash, credit card, check or by multiple types of funding. Additionally, it can calculate tax appliances, tax exemptions, shipping costs and which party supports them, as well as a warranty sum. Thus, in case of an input issue regarding the merchandise quality, the transaction can be reversed and the client receives the warranty sum as refunding.

Manage administrative details

Stock inventories, prices, low stock alerts, coupon designer, suppliers details, cash drawer counting or inventory value are a few of the administrative details you need to overview, as a business manager. The software is capable of organizing these aspects, as well as available transaction accounts and employee schedule.

Moreover, the software can generate and print bills, receipts and invoices, as well as create periodical reports, that reflect the desired sectors of your company. Each official paper can contain the company logo and name. Additionally, the special menu of the manager enables you to handle refunds, to open the cash drawer to cash in payments, and establish the employee table or monthly pay.

Reliable virtual financial assistant

With POS Maid, you can be sure that your transactions are recorded in a short time and in an organized way in the designated database. The software requires login credentials, so you can be sure that only the authorized personnel has access to it. Moreover, you can view it in full screen and connect it to the payment hardware, in order to make a complete legal tender manager.

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