Portable Vole Internet Expedition Free Edition

A web browser that helps you quickly browse your favorite webpages and organize them in categories, as well as download and preview WMV media libraries.

  • Portable Vole Internet Expedition Free Edition
  • Version:3.58.7052
  • License :Demo
  • OS:Windows All
  • Publisher:Sanwhole

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Portable Vole Internet Expedition Free Edition Description

Portable Vole Internet Expedition Free Edition adopts an essentially different approach to web browsing, providing an original alternative to popular navigators. Starting with the interface and ending with tab management features, this application does not follow the same pattern as traditional Internet browsers.

New way to organize browsing sessions and tabs

To be more specific, Portable Vole Internet Expedition Free Edition organizes browsing sessions into so-called ‘projects’, which are handled by the ‘Explorer Manager’. Visited web pages can be grouped into one of the predefined categories, as follows: General, Learn, Work, Live, Leisure and Assistant.

This innovative method helps users efficiently organize their work and manage favorite websites with ease, finding them under a specific subject, rather than looking for them in the history or storing them randomly in a bookmarks bar. Unfortunately, new categories cannot be created.

Automatically build projects and scenes

One interesting thing is that, depending on the web pages you visit, Portable Vole Internet Expedition Free Edition automatically creates new projects and scenes, enabling you to easily load a previous browsing session. Furthermore, scenes (which are, in fact, groups of tabs) can be imported and exported, so you can share tabbed sessions with others. While the idea is, in essence, good, dealing with scenes, projects, groups and categories altogether might become a bit confusing.

Using drag and drop actions, you can dock a tab anywhere inside the interface, which comes in handy if you want to browse two different web pages side by side.

Thanks to the VMC discovery feature, Portable Vole Internet Expedition Free Edition can easily browse a webpage’s multimedia library. Also, the integrated countdown timer helps you time your work sessions.

An innovative approach to a web browser

While its main functions are the same, namely to provide high-speed Internet navigation and web content handling, Portable Vole Internet Expedition Free Edition is not a conventional web browser whatsoever.

While the new tab grouping and smart categorization methods are worth a try, the session management options make it suitable for research, rather than simple Internet browsing or social networking. Nonetheless, its approach is not easy to understand and might pose some issues to users since most are accustomed to a classic web browser, with a standard set of features.

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