Portable MicroSIP Lite

Connect with your friends via VoIP calls with this softphone application that allows you to create agenda entries of your contacts.

  • Portable MicroSIP Lite
  • Version : 3.15.4 / 3.15.5 Beta
  • License :GPL
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :MicroSIP

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Portable MicroSIP Lite Description

Portable MicroSIP Lite is a flexible program that allows users to make VoIP calls via a dedicated SIP server. The software comes with numerous audio codecs, for increased sound quality.

Features a common softphone GUI

In essence, the tool can be useful for anyone who wishes to communicate over the Internet with friends. It can be a particularly valuable resource in organizing meetings in office environments, since staff members are guaranteed to be near their desktops.

The application features a very familiar interface that is based around the commonly-encountered dialpad softphone layout. All navigation is performed via intuitive buttons and the number of windows is adequately trimmed to the needs of users. All in all, after it has been properly configured, newcomers will find the software highly enjoyable and easy to understand.

Requires a working SIP server account

This is the case because correctly configuring the softphone requires a valid SIP server account. Once the technical details have been taken care of, users can easily make phone calls or send text messages (recipients must have the application installed and similarly properly configured).

Essentially, one could view the software as an advanced chat platform. If a microphone is available, users can streamline their experience by avoiding text messages altogether. The application features 24 and 32 kHz audio codecs from numerous providers, which significantly increases the sound quality.

Available data transport protocols: TCP, UDP and TLS

The resource can be configured to use the standard TCP data transport protocol, but users are free to choose alternate setups (UDP and TLS options are available). The latter ensures increased transmission security.

Summing up, Portable MicroSIP Lite is a lightweight and effective softphone that can be employed in order to communicate via VoIP with friends.

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