Portable DisplayFusion Pro

You can use this efficient and reliable software solution to manage multiple display configurations, saving valuable effort in the process.

  • Portable DisplayFusion Pro
  • Version : 8.1.2 / 9.0 Beta 3
  • License :Trial
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Binary Fortress Software

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Portable DisplayFusion Pro Description

Portable DisplayFusion Pro is an intuitive and easy to use software solution that facilitates working with multiple computer monitors, by providing you with a set of features and functions you can use on your system.

The program is fairly simple tohandle, its only requirement being that you have two monitors connected to the same system. It launches minimized to the notification area, for ease of access, while also keeping out of your way, so as not to interfere with your regular activities. You can then enable a variety of preferences, such as applying the same or a different image as desktop wallpaper.

You can configure the monitors’ resolution, refresh rate, color depth, set the preferred ‘Horizontal Split’ or ‘Vertical Split’, the ‘Orientation’ (‘Landscape’, ‘Portrait’), and activate or deactivate the taskbars.

Moreover, Portable DisplayFusion Pro adds a button to all your windows, next to the minimization button, that enables you move it from one monitor to the other with ease. It features a variety of others functions which focus on ‘Window Management’, ‘Mouse Cursor’, ‘Mirroring’ and several other categories, that can be customized to meet your needs. Similarly, you can assign each function a specific key combination to increase your working speed.

Because it is a portable utility, Portable DisplayFusion Pro can be stored and run from any USB drive, requiring no installation process whatsoever. As such, it can be used on any compatible computer, at home or at work. It does not create registry entries on the system you launch it on, and it can be removed just by deleting the containing folder.

To conclude, Portable DisplayFusion Pro is a handy and reliable application that lets you make the most out of your computer monitors, by allowing you to use the same monitor profile, taskbar and desktop icons, synchronizing the screensaver and all other settings.

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