Portable Alternate Archiver

Manage multiple files in a folder by organizing them into sub-directories, with the help of this lightweight and easy to handle utility.

  • Portable Alternate Archiver
  • Version :3.410
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :AlternateTools

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Portable Alternate Archiver Description

Managing your files, particularly when they come in impressive amounts, can prove a daunting task, but you can always resort to programs that can get you out of this trouble and organize them more efficiently.

With the help of Portable Alternate Archiver, you can quickly group files according to their type, then structure them in separate directories, enabling you to find the item you are after, in the future.

Practical and novice-friendly GUI

In terms of appearance, the application is quite easy on the eyes, its straightforward functionality being accessible even for the least experienced individuals.

A dedicated toolbar features a self-explanatory function lineup, with individual buttons for the tasks that Portable Alternate Archiver can perform, enabling you to get the job done with just a couple of clicks.

Organize and manage your files with the least amount of effort

To get things started, you need to browse to the disk you need to organize, using the side-panel tree view. Once you click on it, the files it comprises will be displayed, allowing you to filter them according to format. To group specific files into a folder, you can select them, then click the ‘Archive’ button in the toolbar, subsequently customizing the criteria for the subdirectory creation.

Aside from helping you define a thorough structure for your folders, Portable Alternate Archiver also comes with several additional components that can help you rename files, modify their file date (hour, minute, day, month, year, etc), or send them via email.

Moreover, you can synchronize two folders, shred important files that you do not anyone else getting their hands on, as well as cleaning your disk of useless data. You can even edit the ID3 tags of MP3 files with Portable Alternate Archiver.

A swift means of managing files and folders more effectively

In summation, Portable Alternate Archiver is a useful and feature-rich piece of software that you can rely on for neatly organizing files into folders, shredding old ones or synchronizing directories, all with one compact, standalone instrument.

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