Port Inspector

Basic TCP / UDP port scanner that enables network admins to manage ports and hosts, in order to keep track of remote clients easily.

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Port Inspector Description

Port Inspector is a simple-to-use network utility that enables administrators to find out the ports that are being listened to by other users. It supports TCP and UDP, and features basic options that can be easily figured out.

Hassle-free installation and clean UI

The setup procedure is fast and does not require special attention. When it comes to the interface, Port Inspector adopts a clean look with simple lines, which enables users to immediately dive into the configuration.

Manage ports and hosts easily

The left side of the window contains a list with preloaded ports from the Services file that you can use, delete or edit properties in terms of port name, number, protocol, alias, and comment. Evidently, users may add new ports as well. A real-time search function comes in handy when dealing with a long list of ports.

Furthermore, you can create another list with host names/IP addresses to monitor. Scanner information shows the name, address, port number, protocol type, status, and result for each verified host. Both lists (with ports and hosts) can be saved to plain text documents to insert them at a later time.

Evaluation and conclusion

The app is undemanding when it comes to CPU and RAM, so it does not affect the overall performance of the computer. We have not encountered any unpleasant surprises during our tests, since Port Inspector did not hang, crash or pop up error dialogs. Although it does not include advanced settings, this app does its job quite well, proving to be reliable for checking ports used by remote clients.

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