Eliminate imperfections from your videos with one click and using the powerful Chroma key timeline editor via this software solution.

  • PopVideo
  • Version :3.01.0411.1
  • License :Demo
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Reallusion Inc.

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PopVideo Description

Chroma keying or green screen technology is widely used in the movie industry to replace the color range of the background by combining two frames from different sources. Considering that it can provide you with an entirely controlled shooting environment and leads to quicker production times, it does not come as a surprise that it was a technique adopted by photographers and videographers as well.

PopVideo is an application designed to help you seamlessly alter the background of your images and videos as well as remove any imperfections using the Chroma key technology.

Includes a sleek and flexible interface

After a quick and straightforward setup, you come face to face with a fresh, elegant and streamlined GUI. The interface is comprised of three panels, one of which has the role of allowing you to preview the video or photo. You can zoom in and out the image while playing it, an option that can come in handy when you are examining your work for imperfections or errors.

The main window also includes a panel that displays the source information of the file you are processing. Therefore, if you are editing a video, then you can view the length, resolution, codec used, frame rate and file size.

Create transparent videos by removing the background

You can edit the multimedia files from the right panel by simply accessing the Chroma Key mode and selecting the color that you want to mask. If necessary, you can increase or decrease the value of the color similarity, edge restoration, halo correction, transparency and spill threshold to fine-tweak the masked area.

In case you want to make professional modifications to your file, then you should know that the application includes advanced settings that enable you to fine-tune the camera, subject along with the lights and shadows in your image or video. You can preview any modifications made in the timeline located in the bottom docking area.

Works with most shooting devices and file formats

It is necessary to mention that the application supports most standard file formats, including but not limited to AVI, MOV, MPEG and WMV for videos and PNG, JPEG, TGA and BMP for images. As far as the exports are concerned, you can save your projects as AVI, MOV(ProRes4444) or popVideo file formats.

While most files can be loaded with drag and drop, some particular video formats – M2TS, AVC, M2V, MP4 or MTS – can be loaded via the import function.

A great tool for professional and amateur video editing

If you are looking for a solution that enables you to improve the crispness of your videos or effortlessly remove imperfections from the multimedia files, then perhaps PopVideo might come in handy.

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