Pocket Radio Player

Listen to any Internet radio station compatible with Shoutcast with this simple player, which focuses on functionality and ease of use.

  • Pocket Radio Player
  • Version :170601
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Stefan Sarbok

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Pocket Radio Player Description

Pocket Radio Player is a small software application that helps you listen to your favorite radio programs in the easiest way possible. Pocket Radio Player is a cross-platform that can help you listen to Shoutcast radio stations, regardless of whether you’re running Windows, Linux or Mac.

The user interface is simple and thanks to its clean layout it appeals to beginners and experts alike. It offers a multilingual support and a FMOD audio system usage. No installation is required and you can simply run the program after the downloading process ends.

The main window is minimalist and packs only a few options that allow you to access the radio stations with just one click. Compared to other similar apps, Pocket Radio Player doesn’t come packed with many advanced features such as playlists, programmable radio stations and bookmarked stations. It keeps things as simple as possible when it comes to listening to your favorite online radio stations.

The program offers an extensive list of radio stations to choose from. It provides excellent audio quality and has a good response time.

You can rate the stations according with your own preferences (mediocre, bad, fair, good, great, favorite station) and delete them. Controls for muting and stopping, adjusting volume and connecting to the previous or next station are also included in the app.

It features a built-in station editor that allows you to make several changes to the radio stations. You can change the station name and URL, add a new URL, and modify the music genre of the station. It is also possible to select a logo for your radio station from a predefined list or you can add a new one by browsing into the local folders.

Another useful feature of this app is its ability of displaying the favorite stations. Of course, this is only possible after you have rated them as your favorite radio stations. Selecting what radio stations should be displayed in the main window by picking a music genre is particularly simple. The app automatically displays all the stations included in the selected category.

The program can be easily customized in terms of skins, buffer size, and text and graphics color.

To sum up, Pocket Radio Player is a small but efficient solution that enables you to listen to various radio stations quickly and easily.

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