PNG Icon Portfolio

Browse for and purchase stock icons with this application that carries an impressive library of royalty-free icons from multiple websites.

  • PNG Icon Portfolio
  • Version :2016.1
  • License :Freeware
  • OS :Windows All
  • Publisher :Icon Empire

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PNG Icon Portfolio Description

Those who require icons for their applications, folders or other various items and do not wish to lose time constructing their own, might need a way of easily finding the required icons. PNG Icon Portfolio is an application that was created in order to provide users with the means to easily browse for stock icons, select the preferred ones and purchase them with no additional trouble.

No-brainer interface that will list all the icons that are matching users’ search criteria

Right from the start, users might notice that the application carries a minimalist interface, with very few features and buttons. A large search field is provided for entering the preferred criteria and the layout offers a three-section configuration for listing the icon category, the actual icons and the ones selected for purchasing.

When searching for icons, users will be greeted with a listing of all the items that match their criteria, but the application doesn’t provide any sorting feature or different views. This can be annoying, as people need to scroll considerably in order to find the preferred items.

Easily search for stock icons with this utility that might lack handling efficiency

After selecting the preferred icons, one can add them for purchasing by clicking on the dedicated button. However, the application doesn’t offer drag-and-drop capabilities and this could hinder the handling efficiency.

Furthermore, every time people exit the utility, they are greeted by an info screen regarding more icon sets and this could be highly annoying as they need to manually close this screen. Nevertheless, when going past its minor shortcomings, PNG Icon Portfolio does a good job at finding icons and preparing them for purchasing.

Compact and lightweight app that will help users search, select and purchase PNG stock icons

For those who require a way of easily browsing for stock icons, this utility could just be what they’re looking for. It will allow them to input their custom search criteria, select the preferred icons and purchase them, trouble free. However, some minor drawbacks such as the lack of drag-and-drop capabilities might, to some minor extent, frustrate some users.

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